Casting Soil Industry

Many parts such as mill grinding tables, such as rotary kilns or links in the cement industry site, which is one of the sectors we serve next to the foundry, are manufactured. In general, turning capacity with a capacity of 35 tons of liquid metal and the tonnage we use in this industry is possible to have large size parts.

In the case of soil and industrial casting, the systems we are producing are producing a brick, tile or clay soils. It ensures that the moisture is kept inside the material by crushing foreign substances and blocks and also makes it particularly advantageous for homogeneous distribution.

The most important feature of the rolls we use is its sensitivity and its sensitivity to heat. There is also an optimum breaking force.

Cement Industry Casting

Our company is engaged in casting castings in a field of casting services. In addition to the existing gratings, chassis and special connections of cement mills, we also host pillow plates, oven mouth ring and many more successful projects. All our jobs in the cement industry casting industry are carried out in a professional manner with a professional team. Our company has achieved a great success in a short period of time by specializing in steel casting and cement.

Raw Material Crushers
Hammer hammer – bimetallic hammers
Jaw Crusher
Crawler – crusher jaws
Crusher liner plates
Crusher rotors / discs
Crusher six grids

Vertical Mills
Rolls of waltz
Grinding Plates
Protective segments

Ball Mills
Mirror (forehead) plates
Lining plates
Intermediate partition and exit grates

Rotary Ovens
Inlet / outlet sealing plates
Outlet Mouth Plates
Cyclone plunge pipes
Goods entrance / pendulum valves
Explosion (air shock) nozzles

Klinker Cooling
Cooling plates (grids)
Side Wall Plates
Grating frames

Clinker Crushers
Crushers hammer
Crusher rotors / discs
Clinker transport chains

Cement and Soil Industry